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The CEA Dressage Challenge will be held over two days, starting at the Equestrian Center on 30 April and finishing at the Cayman Riding School on 1 May.

I have a confession to make: I don’t really like Bruichladdich’s whisky.

The spirit was distilled at 11.30am on February 27 2006, a year before they produced the quadruple-distilled, heavily-peated spirit that became this year’s Islay festival bottling of Octomore Discovery.

While their first release of the spirit was unaged, they also produced the 3, aged for three years, the minimum amount of time that whisky legally has to be aged for.

The High Point award for the adult rider went to Kate Flett for earning a 70.19 per cent riding Blue Ridge Dream On at First Level Test 1 and the Junior High Point award was won by Chloe Fowler who scored 67.17 per cent riding her horse, Will to Win at Training Level Test 1.While you don’t see much in the way of quadruple distilled spirit – most Scotch whisky is distilled twice, with a few exceptions and most Irish distilled three times – there is historical precedent.Back in the early 1700s, proto-travel-writer Martin Martin produced his “Description of the Western Isles of Scotland”, including some of the first written mentions of early Scotch whisky: “Their plenty of Corn was such, as dispos’d the Natives to brew several sorts of Liquors, as common Usquebaugh, another call’d Trestarig, id est Aquavitae, three times distill’d, which is strong and hot; a third sort is four times distill’d, and this by the Natives is call’d Usquebaugh-baul, id est Usquebaugh, which at first taste affects all the Members of the Body.” The Usquebaugh-baul, ‘perilous spirit’, also gave rise to some of the first whisky tasting notes: “…two spoonfuls of this last Liquor is a sufficient Dose; and if any Man exceed this, it would presently stop his Breath, and endanger his Life.” While the next line (“The Trestarig and Usquebaugh-baul, are both made of Oats”) detracts somewhat from Bruichladdich’s experiment, they (using malted barley) produced both Trestarig, released in a very limited fashion, and Usquebaugh-baul: X4.It’s quadruple distilled spirit, taken up to 90% ABV, removing much of the flavour in the process, which is then matured for the shortest amount of time they can get away with: it’s a recipe for whisky that I’m not going to like. Nose: Butter icing and royal icing sweetness, balanced by sharp fruit – unripe mango, pink grapefruit, grapefruit skin, lime fruit gums, Seville oranges and granny smith apples.Palate: Strangely soft to start, with butter and the fruit from the nose.Du kan også lade smarttelefoner, nettbrett og digitalkamera via det smarte adapteret.

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