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And while a German game known as 'knipps-brat' (various spellings in high and low Germanic dialect exist) may have had similar features, game historians agree the aforementioned British and Asian predecessors seem the most likely links to modern-day crokinole.[For more detailed information, please consult Chapter Two "Early Origins" in The Crokinole Book.] Many wonderful works on the history of games have been written in the past two decades.From Egyptian pyramid motifs and archeological digs to mediaeval findings, the pattern of 'put-it-in-the-hole' games has a remarkable social history.

With an octagonal or square outer frame or side rail, the rest position of the hand varies from the centre of the quadrant as you move further to the right or to the left.

As of mid-2002, this international standard is now being manufactured by crokinole game board makers in Canada, United States, Germany, England and Australia.

International standard disc size has been set at 32mm diameter x 10mm thick .5 mm Can I enjoy the game on a crokinole board that has smaller (non-international) dimensions ? Since the mid-1890s, crokinole boards have been manufactured in many sizes.

But it would not appear that crokinole actually developed within any of the Mennonite or Amish communities.

As noted above, the oldest known crokinole board in the world was manufactured in 1876 by Perth County, Ontario, craftsman, Eckhardt Wettlaufer.

Reason: from the standard 4' x 8' (122cm x 244cm) plywood or veneer/particle/MDF core sheet, an easy division of 8 equal playing surface circles may be obtained, leaving very little waste.

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