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On one hand, the LDR can be like setting yourself up for frustration, pain and heartache.

Add to that the chemical make-up of women compared with men – i.e.

Mark your diaries, this exclusive singles evening is taking place on Thursday 31st of August, in a famed, quirky, inner- […] It’s a highly represented concept in today’s culture.

We grow up with fairy-tale stories of finding ‘the one’ and living ‘happily ever after,’ and made to believe that once we find our ‘soulmate’ we’ll live the rest of our lives in eternal bliss.

In fact, it can be a complete time-waster: did you know that on average, we could be spending a year of our lives deciding what to wear?

It usually goes a little something like this: jump out of shower, stare blankly at wardrobe, […] Single and shy?

Don’t be ungracious, treat others as you want to be treated, act naturally. But because it’s online, you get an opportunity to fine-tune your marketing before […] From choosing a photo, to writing your ‘about me’ and filling out your profile sections, we understand that getting started on eharmony can be a little overwhelming, so we put together this easy step-by-step guide to setting up a killer profile and maximising your dating success.

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