Dating a french letter


Official investigations attributed this phenomenon to sterile marriages.In 1907, in only 29 of 86 departments, the number of births exceeded the number of deaths.In should be remembered that in former days nine-tenths of the people in France lived in the country; that while 556 of every 1000 Frenchmen lived by agriculture in 1856, that number had fallen to 419 in 1891.The emigrants from the country hurried into the industrial towns, many of which multiplied their population by fifteen, and there, accustomed as they had been to the village bell, they found no church in the neighbourhood, and after a few brief generations the once faithful family from the country developed the faithless dweller in the town.The annual mean excess of births over deaths for each 10,000 inhabitants during the period 1901-1905 in France was 18, while in Italy it was 106, in Austria 113, in England 121, in Germany 149, in Belgium 155.

To Hincmar, the dream of a united Christendom did not appear under the guise of an empire, however ideal, but under the concrete form of a number of unit States, each being a member of one mighty body, the great Republic of Christendom.

The fifth in size (usually reckoned the fourth) of the great divisions of Europe.

The area of France is 207,107 square miles; it has a coastline 1560 miles and a land frontier 1525 miles in length.

Again Nature has formed, in the physiography of this country, a multitude of regions, each with its own characteristics — its own personality, so to speak — which, in former times, popular instinct called separate countries.

The tendency to abstraction, however, which carried away the leaders of the Revolution, is responsible for the present purely arbitrary divisions of the soil, known as "departments".

France was the natural high road between Italy and England, between Germany and the Iberian peninsula.

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