Shugo chara dating sim

storyline where Amu has discovered her fourth guardian, Dia.So she’s already a member of Seiyo Elementary’s Guardians student council as the Joker. So, each school day, you can have her study, play sports or rest to try and boost her stats.Since it is a simulation/RPG with very little voice acting, it looks like it will require basic knowledge of some katakana and hiragana in order to make it through successfully.Especially since a large part of the game is making friends with the rest of the Shugo Chara! Amu Hinamori may seem at first glance to be a typical Tall, Dark and Bishoujo character.

Third-party trademarks are used solely for distributing the games indexed herein and no license or other affiliation is implied.I mean all the ideas incorperated makes me want to keep watching the anime. But I love the King's plans for world dominations XD I was "Wait, you're all helping him dominating the world? XD"They will release a DS game for it, which seems will be dating sim! Rabu-rabu events with Ikuto and the soccer guy here I come! With the aid of her Guardian Characters, which can bring her buried personality traits to the surface (sometimes against her will), Amu slowly learns to embrace and accept her Hidden Depths. Amu soon falls in with her school's "Guardians", an Absurdly Powerful Student Council whose four members each have their own Guardian Character.She discovers that her multiple Guardian Characters make her The Chosen One, able to transform into a Magical Girl with three different forms, one for each Guardian Character she has.During the conversation, Amu may have the opportunity to get help from one of her guardians to boost (or hurt) her relationship with the character she’s talking to.

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