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Finding a date online should not be a hassle; it should be a fun and enjoyable experience!And Bisexual promises that you will have a great time searching for the perfect single bisexual.We realize that the bisexual dating scene can be hard to navigate at times.And nothing is more discouraging than having to filter through page after page of fake or unqualified profiles. We are the easiest and safest way to find true love and companionship.He also noted that there was one prosecution for the murder of a gay man (ibid.).For his part, the CVC representative noted that there are "pockets" of improvement in the police treatment of LGBT people and that some "isolated" cases of violence against them are being properly investigated (CVC 30 2010).

Human Rights Watch reports that the police did not arrive until 90 minutes after the victims first called for help, although they escorted three of the victims away from the scene (ibid.).The men reportedly took shelter in a pharmacy, and the police were called to the scene (ILGA 20 Feb. NGOs report that the victims were subjected to police abuse, although they were escorted to the police station (Human Rights Watch 31 2008).According to Human Rights Watch, the police did not intervene when mourners leaving the church were threatened with sticks, stones and batons, did not detain any members of the mob and, instead, stopped and searched the vehicles of the mourners (ibid.).Treatment of LGBT police officers Two sources report on the treatment of police officers based on their sexual orientation (JASL states that a bisexual police officer was afraid to return to work after his sexual orientation was discovered by his colleagues; the officer claims that he received telephone threats and had his belongings thrown out of the barracks (1 Feb. The coalition of Jamaican NGOs reports that, in December 2009, a Jamaican police officer was held in custody for 12 days for alleged acts of "gross indecency" with another officer, although he was never charged and was subsequently released (JASL 2010; J-FLAG 2 Dec. The J-FLAG Executive Director stated that LGBT people fleeing mobs can now go into police stations and be treated professionally (ibid.).He also provided an example in which a group of men were attacked by a mob because of their perceived sexual orientation during Jamaica's annual carnival celebration in 2008; they were protected by the police, who brought them into a service vehicle (ibid.).Whether you are looking for a friend, companion or a steady relationship, Bisexual is the place to be.

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