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[_quote] = Nevermind that Shell's plans to drill for oil contribute to the vicious cycle of global warming.The climate in the Arctic can be severe and unpredictable making an oil spill likely-and catastrophic.As we waited to hear from friends and family after the hurricane made landfall, all I could think about was how alone my grandma must be feeling without power, listening to the horrible sounds of the wind slamming her window and water filtering into her apartment. Mi abuelita is a “tough cookie” — as my tio says — and has weathered many storms in the past. But, nothing can compare to the devastation that has unfolded for the rest of her community; her isla.The governor of Puerto Rico declared it the worst catastrophe in the island’s history.But what if I told you that not only did I see these films in 3D, but also completely FREE! That means I get to see movies weeks to months before the general public does.Now I know what you are thinking, I’m sounding like Kevin Trudeau or that crazy guy who wears the suit covered in question marks. Now I’m not going to lie, my process takes some effort, but once you realize how simple it is, you’ll hit yourself in the head for throwing your money away.And it frightens me to wonder, is there a way out of this mess?It shows the sad reality that environmental injustice hits lower income communities and people of color hardest.

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5) United Way of Puerto Rico focus is on education, financial stability and health as the pillars to achieve a good quality of life.

This means lack of safe drinking water, no food storage, critical storage of medical supplies and no life-support services for those communities that need it most.

The island has an unemployment rate twice that of the United States (11.5 percent compared to 4.4 percent) — forcing hundreds of thousands of residents to leave the island.

The tragedy in Puerto Rico is another example of what happens when climate deniers ignore basic science and harsh realities.

It is a reminder to America and to the world that an unstoppable forces far beyond anything imaginable are already in motion; their impact will be less predictable and more difficult to control and recover from.

S.), visiting family in Ponce, and salsa dancing in the streets of Viejo San Juan.

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