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Otherwise, they will starve or freeze or choke or fall. He relies on his parents for everything, and, for a while at least, he doesn't mind this at all. On the one hand, their helplessness means that we are called upon to help them, and on the other hand, their helplessness means that they are an example for us in our relation to God.Perhaps we can sum up the total picture like this: Be like children in relation to God and be like God in relation to children.The opposite of submissiveness is insubordination or disobedience.Therefore, little children ought to be trained to obey implicitly, with no back-talk and no dawdling.But what I want to do is use some specific Scriptures to spell out in more detail these two admonitions: 1) help the children, and 2) be like the children.Let's begin with the first: Children come into the world utterly helpless and God commissions us to meet their needs.They learn more theology and piety from the hymns than we realize, they come to be comfortable and at home with the form of the service, they experience from time-to-time the large and awesome moments of quietness or the blast of an organ prelude or fervor of an old man's prayer.

He says: O God, from my youth thou hast taught me, and I still proclaim thy wondrous deeds. Thou who hast made me see many sore troubles wilt revive me again…” (verses 17-20).

Let's make worship a family affair as much as we can.

Second, five-, six-, seven- and eight-year-olds will gain tremendously from being in worship.

He does not do it apart from us, but only through us.

The first thing to get before us is the cruciality of the younger years.

Stir into this a general cultural mood of “me first,” and my rights and my self-realization, and you have got a powerful anti-family milieu.

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