Dating a severely depressed man Nepalie live sex chat


Most importantly, remember YOU CANNOT FIX SOMEONE WITH DEPRESSION and it is not your job to.

Your job is to love and be there for them, but if you go into a relationship thinking you’ll cure them like in all these teen romance novels and movies, you’re in for a relationship that will go up in flames. Just be the best you can be and encourage your significant other to be their best and try their best to seek happiness because they deserve it.

Even though it may be easy to assume your significant other is acting strange because of something you did, remember, they’re probably just as confused and frustrated as you are. My boyfriend almost every morning asks how I’m feeling, physically and mentally.

He insists I try to always eat breakfast and start my day right.

Even more frustrating, logically you may know you have so much going for you but for whatever reason, you can’t believe it.

I have become absolutely sick to my stomach with all the stigmas associated with mental illness today and disgusted with how the media chooses to sometimes portray them. I feel like depression has become romanticized to the point that people think it’s beautiful to be broken and genuinely believe that some wonderful person will appear out of nowhere, fall in love with them and all their flaws, and make everything just peachy.

While that’s a lovely concept, anyone suffering from this particular (and probably any) mental illness can tell you that’s not the case.

It’s controlling, and there is no telling when it may come crashing down over you.

In my first serious relationship, the boy I was with also suffered from severe depression.

It’s hard to make “I love you’s” sound genuine, not because I don’t mean it, but because maybe I’m having difficulty loving myself one day.

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