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Sync Toy: This Windows program will help you out keeping you files and folders up-to-date between your computer and other external drives. Editor's note: THESIS, the network of German Ph D students and postdocs, has just published what seems to be the most thorough survey of the situation of Ph D students in Germany.This was the predicament that faced THESIS when they decided to work to improve the situation of Ph D candidates in Germany.

Scanner pro: This app can turn a photo or multi-page documents into a pdf in no time.Funding Your Doctorate Table 1: Income sources used throughout a Ph D.*More that one funding source was often applicable to respondents' situation; therefore, the total is greater that 100%.Respondents came from the whole range of disciplines: 57% had a natural science, mathematics, or engineering background, with the remainder drawn from social sciences (5%), language and cultural studies (16.3%), economics (9.2%), and law (4.5 %).The results were published last month in DUZ, an independent German university magazine. When asked for their motivations for doing a Ph D, more than 85% of respondents expressed a genuine interest in their research theme.According to the results of the survey, 74.9% of Ph D candidates--almost all of them working at research universities or institutes--have employment contracts that include social security contributions.

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