Intimidating witness


The nanny said Mel B "seduced" her with "alcohol, fame and casual sex" and denied becoming pregnant with Belafonte's child.(She did terminate the pregnancy with reported financial help from Mel B.)More recently, a Los Angeles judge granted Mel B a permanent 5-year civil harassment restraining order against Gilles.†† Witnesses refuse to cooperate with police for reasons that are not related to intimidation.For example, a general lack of trust in the police may deter some witnesses from cooperating.Particularly in communities dominated by gang and drug-related crime, residents have seen firsthand that offenders are capable of violence and brutality.Many also believe that offenders will return to the community after relatively brief periods of incarceration or will be able to arrange for intimidation by others while they themselves are incarcerated.

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This guide begins by describing the problem of witness intimidation and reviewing the factors that increase its risks.The singer stated that Stephen demanded she partake in "sexual intercourse with him and random women" and accused him of threatening to release footage of the sexual activity if she objected.Stephen's lawyers have called Mel's claims "outrageous and unfounded."Mel B also accused Belafonte of impregnating Gilles, who then filed a defamation and libel lawsuit against her former employer.Witness intimidation is but one aspect of the larger set of problems related to protecting crime victims and witnesses from further harm.Related problems not directly addressed in this guide, each of which require separate analysis, include: Some of these related crime problems are covered in other guides in this series, all of which are listed at the end of this guide.It then identifies a series of questions that can help analyze local witness intimidation problems.

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