Dating someone going through a divorce

The truth is, you and your “almost-ex” are more like strangers than spouses.

You only see each other when you’re dropping off the kids. For all practical purposes, it feels as if you’re already divorced. Your friends are all telling you that you should “get back on the horse,” and start dating again.

After going through a divorce for months (or years) it’s no wonder that you long to spend an evening talking to someone who doesn’t scream at you, and can talk about something other than whether you really need that much money to take care of the kids. Even if your spouse hasn’t paid attention to you in decades, the minute you start dating someone else, he will often become jealous, angry, and upset (go figure! That makes negotiating a settlement peacefully 1000 times harder. In some states, committing adultery can affect whether you get spousal support.

In others, any money you spend on someone other than your spouse while you are married is considered to be “dissipation” – i.e. Even if you just went out for a cup of coffee with someone (and he paid!

If a judge is currently working to determine child custody, as well as other issues, studies of your background may show that your dating life affects the outcome.Sure, going out on a date can make you feel attractive and desirable again … But, if it doesn’t, you can end up even more depressed than you were before you went out! It can shift your focus away from what’s important.It’s hard enough to focus on the major life decisions you have to make when you are going through a divorce and your life is falling apart. Most of the time, kids don’t want their parents to divorce.Even if you are facing an amicable divorce, legal representation is beneficial and can help you navigate through all the complexities divorce may cause.A huge question and issue for many divorces is dating. What type of impact could this have on your divorce case?At the same time, it’s tempting to want to take back control of your life again.

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