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Another important archeological site is Bribirska glavica near the town of Skradin, where Croatian dignitaries Subic-Bribirski (later known as Subic-Zrinski) had their seat. First archeological excavations were undertaken by fra Lujo Marun, and then Stjepan Gunjaca.

Settled already by Illyrians, during early Roman times it was called Varvaria, and had the status of municipium.

On the photo you can see the famous Vucedol Dove, a bird-shaped cult vessel, lavishly incrusted.

From ornaments of some pots we know that the Vucedol culture had the oldest calendar in Europe, older (though less sophisticated) than the one in Stonehenge. Numerous artifacts of the Vucedol culture (including some of the most valuable) have been robbed during the Greater Serbian aggression on Croatia in 1991.

You can see an important monument with the interlace pattern which contains the name of Duke Branimir (9th century).

One of the earliest Croatian cultural monuments is a baptismal font of Prince Viseslav from Nin (around 800 AD), with a nice interlace cross.

It contains the following Latin text, full of interesting ligatures: HEC FONS NEMPE SUMIT INFIRMOS, UT REDDAT ILLUMINATOS.

For example some of the religious texts end with `Amen' written three times: in the Glagolitic, Cyrillic and Latin script. His most beautiful achievement is the Cathedral of St.HOC IOHANNES PRESBITER SUB TEMPORE VUISSISCLAVO DUCI OPUS BENE COMPOSUIT DEVOTE, IN HONORE VIDELICET SANCTI IOHANNIS BAPTISTE, UT INTERCEDAT PRO EO CLIENTULOQUE SUO.Croatian translation: Ovaj izvor naime prima slabe, da ih učini prosvijetljenima.Their overall number is more than 66,000, mostly on the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina.There is no doubt that such monuments were put up by Catholics and Krstyans (members of a local Christian religious sect in Bosnia) during the Middle Ages. Some of the stecaks have interesting decorations, some even swastika and other symbols and ornaments of eastern provenance, with epitaphs like: A few more examples are here.Ovdje se peru od svojih zločina sto su ih primili od svog prvog roditelja, da postanu kršćani spasonosno ispovijedajući vječno Trojstvo.

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