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The Niugini Liturgy was prepared and published by the Right Reverend David Hand (1918-2006), whose ministry in New Guinea spanned from 1946 to 2006.'Occasional Offices, Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea This group of liturgies is a predecessor to the current official prayer book of the Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea, which was published in 1991 under the title 1977 (Scotland) Scottish Episcopal Church Experimental Liturgy 1977 'a transitional revision permitted for use in the Scottish Episcopal Church between the Scottish Liturgy 1970 and the Scottish Liturgy 1982'.Book of Common Prayer, Version 1979 'This version of the Book of Common Prayer is based on the 1979 Prayer Book, and hopes to provide you with more than just an electronic reproduction of the BCP.1947 (South India) The Order of Service for the Inauguration of Church Union in South India, with the Form of Consecrating the First New Bishops and the Order of Service for the Ordination of Presbyters1951 (England) The Order for the Celebration of Low Mass according to the Use of the Illustrious Church of Salisbury Closely Rendered into English, Rubricated and Presented in a Usable Form, together with an Appendix of Notes Mainly Historical and Expositoryc.1958 (England) The Interim Rite This undated adaptation of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer Order for Holy Communion follows the recommendations of N. Williams’s 1928 essay For the Present Distress: A Suggestion for an Interim Rite.1960 (Ghana) The 1960 Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church of Ghana This BCP, available on Charles Wohlers' website, is a revision of the 1662 Prayer Book with slight modifications to reflect Ghanaian independence and local Anglo-Catholic practice.The Book of Common Prayer among the Nations of the World by William Muss-Arnolt (1913). This digital edition of a very important work includes extensive hyperlinking to online versions of the translations and background documents.

It has now been digitised by AO Editor Richard Mammana.1962 (Canada) The Prayer Book Society of Canada has scanned and made available online the English text of the 1962 Canadian Book of Common Prayer.

Since its introduction in the sixteenth century, it has had an enormous influence on everything written in English.

It has gone through many of revisions, both in England and in the other countries of the Anglican Communion, but the original text is still comprehensible and relevant.

This publication from the beginning of his episcopate reflects the strong Anglo-Catholic heritage of Anglicanism in the West Indies.'1965 (England) A New Mass Book for the Laity Incorporating All the Most Recent Changes in the Liturgy This Anglo-Papalist booklet is an early incorporation of the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council in a Church of England context.1966 (Wales) The Proposed Revised Service for Experimental Use.

This publication of the Church in Wales is available online in Welsh and in English.

There is the account and analysis of the heady quarter of a century that culminated in A New Zealand Prayer Book He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.'Closely related to the 1559 A comprehensive site on the remarkable and much-loved English poet, George Herbert.

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