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I never meant that the cure should be in the shape of a pill.

I have tried making assumptions about what they do or wear etc but when pretty much everyone is a professional and nothing stands out etc (say if I do day game after work), there is not really that much to say here. You could also use cold reads/assumptions and keep them general.

Also, by exercising, improving ones posture, standing taller, all those improve testosterone output, as far as I have gathered, and all those also increase confidence in most men.

That said, I am still trying to find out, how the dynamic works.

In the next approaches try this: after you got the girl's attention, start talking to her like she's a friend you haven't seen for a long time, and you want to know what happened in the meanwhile.

If you sincerely curious about her, she will realise this and the interaction will probably go easy.

You may need to transition through various different things though before you get into a bigger conversational thread, so this is why it's best to use the above ideas rather than ask question after question after question. After all my experience I've had and al the success ive experienced with mltrs I will not bullshit you.

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