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See full summary » "Aliens Stole My Boyfriend" - Two cute alien chicks crash land their space buggy in the parking lot of the motor court looking for Earth boyfriends. See full summary » Can a marriage in crisis survive?

"Love a la Carte" is a comedic fantasy about struggling monogamists staying married for better or worse, with the help of an online polyamory dating website called "Love a la Carte." After losing a major fight, a professional MMA fighter returns home from Vegas, where he reunites with various individuals from his past - including a father/son duo who recruit him to engage in their daring bank heists.

Started up in 1984, it advertises itself as the "simple, smart, prudent way" to find your socially conscious, progressive mate who is intelligent and creative while being interested in social justice, gender equity and the environment.

Green Singles has been operating since the early 80s.

Well matched with a Guinness and bowl of microwave popcorn.

I suggest you watch it on amazon prime instant, if you have it.

For those few, it will be their first glimpse of Earth. I like how this movie takes the natural fears inherent in space travel and takes it to an extreme that I found both terrifying and riveting.

We follow them on their journey in this sci-fi psychological thriller. I was reminded somewhat of Dark Star, although this is tonally different.

And if you are wondering where, then yes we met via Lovesail..

Then there’s: Veggie Connection, another website helping vegetarians find love (or at least someone to exchange recipes with); Veggie Romance, which promises love for fruitarians, vegans, raw food devotees or macrobiotic fans; and, Veggie Fishing, to “hook” you up with that special someone who thinks and eats like you do.

Finally, according to Veggie Community, love is not blind and it shouldn’t ignore the treatment of "non-human animals." It can help you find a green partner who avoids meat and is a self-described an animal lover.

It's fairly relaxed; all you have to do is show up and answer yes to “Are you green? is another great way to meet singles across the globe, giving you “a little less face-to-screen and a little more face-to-face” time.

On the website, you can search by topic—such as “environment” or “vegetarian”—to find a group that best suits your interests.

See full summary » For thousands of years, only religion has offered an answer to what happens after death. With the help of a physicist, a blind medium, and Thomas Edison's ...

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