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The underlying premise is that It sucks to find out after three super chill dates that your new partner can’t stand pot or people who smoke.If it’s important to meet someone who won’t judge you for getting high, weed dating apps provide the perfect filter.Other than the fact there’s a small sample of available singles, the dating app’s user interface is easy enough that even a stoner could use it.

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Over at 420Singles, on their homepage they claim: “Cannabis is slowly becoming legal all over the World, jump on the fun train and start dating other singles who share the same for the magical Cannabis plant.” You may notice, rather ironically, the word “love” is missing from that sentence.Such a stoner move to forget to include what it is you’re selling. If you’re looking to find love with another pothead, this is the place for you.It should be pointed out that not all weed-specific apps are created equal. Sadly, High There, the one with the best name is also the least safe, as far as your data is concerned.Do you really want to come out from his apartment smelling like burnt rope? Stoners deny the side effects, but you'll have to deal with them anyway.Pot proponents often argue that marijuana is healthier than alcohol and nicotine since it's all natural and supposedly non-addictive. They're amusing at first, but they get old if they're the only funny thing you can talk about.That doesn't mean they won't suffer a few inconvenient side effects, which include a lower sperm count, a faster aging process, and depression from emotional withdrawal.8. If your guy or gal doesn't know how to have fun or even be funny without weed, you might want to look elsewhere.

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