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Note that although this article focuses on the compliance requirements and processes for mobile games, similar regulatory processes governing PC and online games have been in effect for many years in China and the compliance requirements for both are now quite similar and relatively applicable to PC based games as well.

Summarizing the compliance landscape for publishing a game in China Firstly, it is important to note that the SAPPRFT’s latest regulations on mobile games are NOT the only compliance requirement for publishing mobile games in China, it has just received the most coverage in recent months due to its nascent introduction and comprehensive requirements.

As a leading publisher of games in China, the stakes for us were higher than most as one of the core aspects of our business depends on our games getting continued access to the China market.For most games being published in China, there are actually three major steps that the game must take before it can be broadly launched in the market.These steps are summarized as follows: Step #3 above relates to the regulatory requirements introduced in July, 2016 but the other two steps have been in effect now for a number of years and are required steps for publishing your game with most “local distribution platforms and app stores” (hereafter referred to as Distribution Platforms) in China.To better understand the process involved in foreign copyright ownership documents with the NCAC, I interviewed Cam Rogers of Cam Rogers Legal, an Australian law firm specializing in the video game industry that works with some of the top Indie game developers in Australia.Below is an account from Cam outlining his experience with obtaining the requisite foreign copyright ownership documents for one their clients in Australia.Unscrupulous companies and individuals would crack/decompile/rip a popular game from another developer and then submit it to distribution platforms as their own, depriving the original IP holders of revenue and causing potential harm to the games reputation in the process.

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