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Go to the end of the text in this box, insert a space, then type the following:-loginuri on Apply, then OK.

You can now log in with the Master Avatar details you provided earlier to the server, and click on the Connect button.

Interoperability with Second Life protocols was once a design goal since 2007.

However, development of Second Life increased as developer interest in Open Simulator declined and interoperability with Second Life is no longer a design goal as of OSCC2015.

Open Simulator is an open-source server platform for hosting virtual worlds and the Metaverse.

At one point, it was compatible with the client for Second Life but compatibility has waned for several years.

Open Simulator is written in C# and is designed to be easily expanded through the use of plugin modules.

Open Simulator can operate in one of two modes: standalone or grid mode.

In standalone mode, a single process handles the entire simulation.

After entering the last parameter the Server creates the file in the Bin\Regions folder, and when you see the line, Region (root) # : you know the server is ready.

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