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Want your photo to be the best image for that region? To check out Illustrated Checklists, search for any region or search for any hotspot.

The tuber produced by Ubi Gajah is not suitable for consumption as it […] Text and Images by Choy Wai Mun My encounter with the enigmatic Malaysian Rail-Babbler last year in the wild interiors of Kedah has been regularly haunting my thoughts for the past year or so.

I failed to relocate the bird despite numerous trips to the locality ever since that faithful day. We take the highest-rated photo and sound from the Macaulay Library, combine with e Bird data to show seasonal occurrence, and include the last date when a species was seen in that place.

Have you ever uploaded a photo or audio recording to an e Bird checklist, only to realize after the fact that it’s under the wrong species?

Then you had to delete the photo from e Bird, go back to your photo archive, and re-upload to the new species.

In a relationship between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Babe, the gender roles are often more defined and old-fashioned.

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