Who is lisa gastineau dating

So that will save me the anxiety of her saying, “You took it, you took it! PR.com: You incorporate the evil eye symbol into your jewelry design quite a bit. Lisa Gastineau: Our evil eye was inspired by the Turkish eye. PR.com: Lindsay Lohan was recently seen making a court appearance wearing one of your signature pieces, the evil eye necklace pendent by Tres Glam.If you look at a dollar bill there is a pyramid shape, and in that pyramid is the eye. Did you lend that piece to Lindsay Lohan for her court date? PR.com: Now your jewelry line, Tres Glam, is so heavily linked with Lindsay and her drama in the press.

Lisa Gastineau: Well, I actually have a locksmith here today to put a lock on my closet door, how about that? I’m one of those people with a passion for fashion and I’ve been dragging it all over the country for, I can’t even tell you how many moves.

Former Jets star Mark Gastineau fathered a son with Brigitte Nielsen and kept the boy secret from his daughter, Brittny, for 20 years, Page Six has learned.

Brittny told us how she was shocked to discover she has a half-brother named Killian Marcus Gastineau.

(Allison Kugel): Do the two of you ever get mistaken for sisters? Lisa Gastineau: Often, and much to Brittny’s chagrin.

We always question their eyesight and their motive .

But Brittny, her first moments when I had my stores, she grew up playing and selling jewelry to herself in the mirror.

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