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The group also has a contract with the juvenile courts’ Diversion and Becca programs, and it won a nonprofit Agora business award in 2016.

Moeller, who does some real estate work, mainly devotes her time to Create Your Statement.

The programs also use repetitive statements to help teens communicate with boldness and grace what they will and won’t accept in a relationship, she said. “We say, ‘You’re always priceless regardless of what’s happened to you,’ ” Moeller said.

“As Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.’ We talk about what your rights are, what healthy dating boundaries look like.” “We let them know they have the right to set expectations.

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A lot of the time it happens when these young women and men don’t have clear boundaries.” “Young people can get confused about who they are and get more co-dependent on their dating partner instead of realizing their own strengths and talents.”Moeller developed Red Flag, a seven-week course for youth ages 12-18 with tools to avoid unhealthy relationships and understand how to form healthy ones. They are Respect yourself; Expect disrespect at times; Decide what to do with disrespect; Future, what that looks like if you accept disrespect; Lead, don’t be led; Authentic, be yourself; Gifts, both life as a gift and giving talents.Moeller created another program recently called Compass for young men, because “more young ladies are crossing lines,” she said, and young men aren’t speaking up.A seven-week course for teens costs per student, but the nonprofit covers that expense if it’s a financial hardship.They have the right not to engage in a sexual relationship without being made to feel bad.They have the right to privacy, the right to hang out with friends when they want to, and not to be threatened emotionally, verbally or physically.” Along with prevention, the nonprofit has focuses on leadership and character, while encouraging community volunteering.Long into a healthy marriage now, the 45-year-old Moeller said she experienced dating abuse during her teen years.

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