Ugly dating ball


But you don’t have to listen to anyone on the internet, so then again, do what you want.

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Now, you are likely aware that a young Marine scored a date with UFC knockout babe Rhonda Rousey by posting a video on social media asking her to be his date.

But as the Marines start to innovate this schtick, it won’t be long before celebrities start booking work and long vacations during the months of November and December as alibis.

Because as patriotic as some of these celebs might be, I am guessing getting publicly hounded by pimple faced 19-year-olds for a date can have its downsides and it would be embarrassing for the Corps to cause every celeb to wash their hair for the entire month of November.

For in no other universe would these Marines be able to secure such a date and this is without a doubt, the experience of a lifetime.

But honestly, it is kind of like survival of fittest and if you didn’t get your video in early, just give up and quit harassing people to share your video as these videos are basically celeb Marine Corps Ball Thunderdome.

This has kind of become a trend lately with a year or so ago, Milas Kunis and Justin Timberlake getting asked to the ball.

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