Dating someone with nonverbal learning disorder billings dating com

I know it is possible for you to feel more in control and discover fulfillment in your life.

As a therapist who is familiar with NVLD, I can help you to create practical strategies for succeeding professionally and socially.

And though he loved being around other children, he played alongside them rather than with them.

He didn’t seem to "get" the give and take of friendship that most kids learn by osmosis.

As a therapist with NVLD, I personally know the pain and frustration of workplace struggles, but I also know that by using your unique skills and verbal strengths, creating everyday coping strategies for managing different responsibilities and assignments, and disclosing your learning difference in an empowering fashion, you can achieve professional and social success.

In sessions, I will offer you an opportunity to collaborate on creating unique strategies for highlighting your strengths in the workplace and social arena.

The good news is that working with a therapist who understands your unique neurological condition, and can create practical strategies for helping you to achieve success while also providing emotional support as you navigate everyday challenges, may have a profound impact on your overall development and happiness.

C.’s extraordinary talents co-existed with some serious deficits.

could hum Brahms’ lullaby and the theme from "Jeopardy." At 2, he could name the U. Though his grandparents — naturally — insisted he was gifted, his parents knew that J.

Also, if you feel that life tasks are unfairly challenging, that what seems basic to everyone else is a struggle for you, and that advancements in your professional, academic, or interpersonal relationships have never come easily, causing you feelings of anxiety and depression, you are not alone.

Many young adults with NVLD also struggle with mental health concerns, especially anxiety and/or depression, and working with a mental health professional who understands the connection between NVLD and depression or anxiety can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Do you also struggle to establish meaningful friendships and romantic relationships in the city?

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