When did george clooney and elisabetta canalis start dating

As is often the case in love triangles, the glamorous two-year affair among Hollywood’s leading man, Italy’s most desired brunette and the denizens of a small lakeside town has ended badly for one of the parties.

Italian celebrity magazines and talk shows have mourned the split, but Laglio, population approximately 900, is relishing its seduction of the American over the Sardinian siren.

At the premiere, Clooney said it’s sad that journalists don’t check “two reliable sources” anymore and accurate reporting “doesn’t seem to exist as much.” The 48-year-old actor added, “The problem is that there’s so little reporting any more ….

When the news broke this week that George Clooney and his girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis, ended their relationship, women around the world suddenly shared the same delusional thought: “Wait, he’s available?

Catherine Keener Okay, I know this one sounds odd, but hear me out.

Maybe I’m next.” Well, the odds are that most likely you are not next.

But inevitably, some lucky lady out there will become the next person who regularly accompanies the Duke of Hollywood Sophistication on his red carpet travels.

And, as a capper, she epitomizes old-Hollywood-style elegance.

Seeing these two together would make us all want to become better, glamorous versions of ourselves.

As a result, I have eliminated Jennifer Aniston and former Clooney girlfriend Renee Zellweger from inclusion because there seemed to be too much backlash against both choices.

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