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and the imagery of its music video reflect a sad truth of the music industry.The final product is the result of two conflicting sides: A desperate artist and an industry that is almost mocking her in her own video.She probably has a whole lot to say about the industry, but all she truly wants is to get out of it.A video of Lindsay Lohan giving an interview with a strange accent has lead to wild speculation from fans and media.– Hollywood Reporter, “Judge Won’t Let Kesha Escape Dr. I have channeled my feelings of severe hopelessness and depression, I’ve overcome obstacles, and I have found strength in myself even when it felt out of reach.Luke Contract”The first song, “Praying”, is touted as a “powerful” song about Kesha freeing herself from the bonds of the evil Dr. I’ve found what I had thought was an unobtainable place of peace.It’s also about hoping everyone, even someone who hurt you, can heal.” – Lenny Letter, Kesha Fights Back in Her New Single, “Praying” While some media sources celebrate Kesha’s song as some kind of feminist victory – Kesha’s actual situation is not different from when she started.She is still locked into that same contract and still forced to work under Dr. In fact, after the release on “There was no change in Kesha’s contractual recording obligations — she has not succeeded on any legal claim or motion to avoid them.

“I don’t understand why I have to take the extraordinary measure of granting an injunction,” she said. The song was written by Kesha along with Andrew Joslyn, Ben Abraham, and Ryan Lewis (“Praying,” my first single in almost four years, comes out today.On the right, the sign says “Welcome to Kitty’s”, which can refer to Beta Kitten programming. The symbol appears to be a combination of logos used by actual “child lovers” to identify themselves (the logos on the right are from FBI files). Is this a way of saying that she’s forced to be a part of the occult elite’s child-molesting culture?Despite being physically restrained in various ways, Kesha seeks salvation through spirituality.Faced with this horror, many “survivors” seek refuge in spirituality. On the other side, there’s the entire music industry who still owns Kesha. In typical industry fashion, the symbolism infused by Akerlund is deceptive and manipulative – it touches on the spiritual theme of the song while adding enough imagery to tell “those in the know” that Kesha is still a slave of the elite.Kesha’s story is still not over and it’ll be interesting to see how things evolve.And that video did its best to contradict the core message of the song through intense symbolism. The video takes the central theme of the song and adds a sad symbolic layer over it. Saturn is associated with the limitations of the physical realm versus the infinity of the spiritual realm.

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