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Olson, 43, came to federal investigators’ attention on Aug.

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Prosecutors say that Southern California man – a sex offender known online as “Tony Papabear” – then shared the videos with police during a sting operation.But over the course of that fall, Ulbricht’s arrest was just one of several busts targeting the illegal markets that had come to flourish on the Deep Web.During the months prior, the FBI had secretly taken control of Freedom Hosting, a major provider of anonymous web, email, and financial services that operated on the Deep Web.Its operator, a straitlaced former Eagle Scout named Ross Ulbricht, assumes an alternate identity and builds an anonymous, multimillion-dollar marketplace for anything from heroin and GHB to guns and forgeries.The story unfolds like a parable of Libertarianism run amok, or the elaborate fantasy of any rule-abiding person who secretly dreams of getting rich by beating the system.At the time, this included everything from members-only news sites to the then-nascent

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