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This live seminar is approximately 1 hour & includes useful information for potential SF Bay Area Area laundromat business buyers.

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Have your questions ready for an open and honest discussion about both the Pro and the Cons of the Vended Laundry Business. In this FREE on demand Webinar Jaime Ortega (at 866-591-7802) a Cannabis Industry Consultant, Due Diligence Provider, and Industry Advisor discusses different aspects of the cannabis industry and opportunities for buyers and entrepreneurs in this fast growing industry in California.

Chuck Post (laundromat consultant and specialty broker) will be offering his San Clemente, Orange County workshop on Saturday December 2nd, Learn What To Look For In Buying A Laundromat.

He will discuss all aspects of owning a Southern California laundromat. Chuck Post (and his Associate Chris Mason) a California laundry consultant, due diligence specialist, buyer representative for laundry buyers shares his thoughts with Peter Siegel, MBA on his weekly Biz Ben Vlog & Podcast show.

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