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This is unlike most other languages, where the number 0 is usually considered false.

When converted to a string, finite numbers are represented in decimal, possibly in E notation; Na N is A sequence is a table with non-nil values for all positive integers from 1 to N and no value (nil) for all positive integers greater than N.

Strings delimited by long brackets do not interpret escape sequences.String literals may be delimited by either single or double quotes ( A literal newline may also be included in a string by preceding it with a backslash.Bytes may also be specified using an escape sequence '\ddd', where ddd is the decimal value of the byte in the range 0–255.At this point in the page parse, templates have already been expanded, parser functions and extension tags have already been processed, and pre-save transforms (e.g.signature tilde expansion and the pipe trick) have already happened.And unlike many other languages, only false and nil are considered false for boolean conversion; the number 0 and the empty string are both considered true.

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