Vodafone live dating

Once I tell Vodafone about this problem, they were quick to give me 50gb free if I was with Vodafone mobile (which I'm glad i'm not), or add 'credit to my account', which costs them nowhere near as much as it costs me to travel on short notice and take days off work to be stood up.

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RARELY do I leave reviews but I switched from SKY Fibre Broadband to Vodafone on what I thought was a cost saving decision. After a long winded conversation changing a whole host of settings, I still had multiple issues. This is where I can see all my favourite Vodafone ads.From the cute pug coming out of his red kennel to the guy waiting for his dream date in the elevator, Vodafone has had some great ads, and keeps coming out with new ones.After waiting hours on hold, i'm told to wait until 8 for the engineer, which I knew wasn't going to happen.So on the 21st, when I'm not in the county, I get a call telling me that the bt open zone guy is outside.In the last 4 months, I have called over 15 times, spent over 7.5 hours (given the fact that they place you on hold and phone calls average at 30 minutes per call, and this one time I stayed on for 2 hours before the agent just hung up on me).

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