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Many (Rio natives) don't speak the language, and Spanish often won't help you either.Don't rely purely on a Portuguese translator app (especially because you don't want to be waving around your smartphone in some parts of town).Exchange Money in the Airport In the age of credit cards, bitcoin and ubiquitous ATMs, it's easy to assume you'll have access to your money whenever you need it. Credit cards are accepted at many major tourist attractions, but not always at restaurants, taxis and shops. After you go through customs exchange money or use the ATM in the airport, then keep it in your hotel safe and carry small amounts of cash with you each day.Once you're in the city, don't wait until you run out of cash to hit up an ATM -- you may spend a few hours trying to track down one that works.The statue also suffered damage in April 2010 when the arms head and chest were covered in spray painted graffiti, in an act Rio's mayor described as a "crime against the nation." The perpetrators used the scaffolding erected during the renovation to scale the statue and vandalise it.The vandals sprayed sentences such as "when the cat's away, the rats will play," as well as references to residents who were killed in recent and unsolved crimes.The iconic statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janeiro has been struck by lightning during a violent storm.

Or explore the cobbled streets of Paraty, a fishing village and World Heritage site that's a 3.5-hour drive or bus ride from Rio.

The incident took place an hour after police clashed with drug gang members in the favela, in which two officers were hospitalised with wounds along with a suspected gang member.

Last month, the military was sent to the sprawling favela in an attempt to control violence between rival drug gangs.

Add on Extra Time to Your Trip Rio's landscape and atmosphere are intoxicating, and you'll want to go back, but the reality is that for many Americans, Brazil is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Make the most of your time here by adding another stop to your itinerary.

“During a check, the vehicle was found to be for the transport of tourists.

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