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magazines, book of the month – more of a long term model trying to get someone into the beginning and get them to subscribe so you can sell them many things with one sale) -Infomercial models (not really about selling the thing on the infomercial as it’s just a loss leader designed to get you to call cause you’re hot to buy and then they sell you a bunch of other things i.e.don lapre 0 mil not making money from the toolkit but upselling to merchant accounts and biz ops etc) -Dell computer model (get lead to come to website with all your lead gen stuff and person starts build their dream computer and selecting all the parts and psychologically in the process they weave themselves into it and they start to own this thing that they’re creating and by the time you get to the end you’ve built this computer you want and you got it all ready and you can see it and imagine it and say ‘well I got to buy it’) -Windows OS model (they find a distributor like Dell that sells millions of computers they make wholesale deals with them to put windows on their computer that is going out the door and they do that for several years and the next thing you know everyone is using that OS and everyone starts upgrading to get new versions and new software won’t run on the old versions and rather than buying a new version they buy a whole new computer that already has the new version of windows and it’s a virtuous cycle – IT’S A MARKETING MODEL) -Affiliate marketing (sell something, allow tens of thousands to be distributors and they drive leads that buy it, cut cheque to them, get third party tracking and measuring and paying the cheques and doing the whole thing, and you just get a report) -Social Networking/Social Media (places people come to do virtually what they used to do in the real world virtualizing human interaction, and they can interact with your business in all sorts of ways) The best models typically have 1 thing in common: They’re not trying to sell 1 thing in 1 shot.the frequencies, the wavelengths, the pipes you’re going to use to reach a mass audience.You’re going to have to reach a lot of people and use some mass marketing channel to do that.

The downside of this is it requires legwork, thinking, and experimentation.Narrowing your focus, creating a category, dominating your niche – very important elements, you have to understand your market Your psychological approach.It’s not what you’re doing but how you’re doing it. The unique new solution that wasn’t available before?* “Existing Customer Relationships Of Others” Channel: can also be a broadcast where you’re paying for inclusion or paying to be delivered, but instead of just going out to the world with a little bit of targeting, now you’re going in with some endorsement and some trust and there’s an assumed relationship in some way…An example might be an endorsed marketing piece (this is probably the strongest version of this) where you find someone who has a successful company has a lot of customers has a good relationship with their customers and a lot of trust and you say “Hey I sell something that would be complimentary to your product or service, will you send all of your customers a communication that tells them about me and says that I’m great and recommend them to buy from me?Getting their name in here is about: finding your audience, finding your market, get in front of them, understand their needs, and then communicate clearly that your product/service/the thing that you offer will deliver them to the promise land will help them get the result/the outcome/the delivery from the fear the anxiety the pain they seek at a fair price and you’ll make an offer to do it.

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