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He wanted a nice, juicy steak and some fine sipping whiskey, so Bailey walked into a saloon on this spot and sat down to enjoy his meal. Well it turned out that Angus Bailey was the cause of it, as he was falsely accused of cattle rustling by an ornery individual known as Old Man Merriweather.

Before he knew it, Angus was swinging from a rope on the north side of the town square.

As the American landscape changed most of these enormous men were eventually retired.

But here in Wilmington, the large green man holds on.

Continuing on IL 53 to Braidwood, the next photo opportunity is the Polka Dot Drive-In at 222 N. in Odell, there is a restored Depression-era gas station, which happens to be very cool.

The saloon owner, though terrified, prepared one of his finest cuts of beef and opened his best bottle of whiskey.

When the original route 66 concrete was laid around Virden IL in 1926 a turkey came out of the wild, did a little walking on the fresh surface and made his marks for the next millennium.

Now there is a sign we stop at and take a picture – how FUN it is (also a smoke break)!

When Bunyon's closed the owners were offered ,000 for Tall Paul but decided instead to "permanently loan" it to the City of Atlanta as one of their Route 66 Heritage Exhibits. We continue our way to the rare still drivable brick-paved 2 lane roads from 1931!

Located just off this section Rick is waiting for us with antiques, collectibles and great selection of Route 66 souvenirs.

During what might be called the golden days of Route 66 there was a tunnel which ran underneath Route 66 at this very spot, directly between the school and this church.

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