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Koko selected Ndume from a number of available males (via "video dating"— see intro video below) and though they have been getting along extremely well, there has been no mating behavior to date.The main reason for this is probably because a natural gorilla group has multiple females for each male, and Koko has never had the support of additional females.

He said much of the attention in terms of memorials had been positive. It shows people are remembering what a wonderful being he was," he said.

Harambe, a western lowland gorilla, turned 17 at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden on Friday. The next day, zoo officials shot and killed the critically endangered ape. Video of the incident shows that Harambe grabbed the child, stood over him at times, and dragged him.

On the day Harambe died, a 4-year-old boy managed to get into his enclosure.

"The ones that are mocking and making light of the death of this being, I find incredibly offensive." Ashley Byrne, an associate director at PETA, said that the trolls were in the minority among the people who were mourning the gorilla.

"This tragic incident really did start a new conversation," she said.

Ndume joined the Gorilla Foundation/in 1991, after spending his first 10 years at the Cincinnati Zoo.

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