Updating wordpress on godaddy irish dating ie


It is pretty common to have made a mistake with these settings or forgotten to make the change here.To fix this, you will need to login to your php My Admin application via your web hosting control panel.If this does not work, you may need to move the .htaccess to the root directory and manually replace the current Word Press mod rewrite directive with the code below.(Note: you will need to show invisible files via your FTP application or use the web host’s file manager to see this file.)IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on a Windows hosting account (please check this before commenting below), you will NOT have an .htacccess file.

Be sure that the / are in the right place and that the subdirectory name is correct.Finally, some people have inadvertently moved the file in their theme’s folder rather than the file in the subdirectory.If you don’t see the require line above in your file, then you moved the wrong file.The next most common mistake is to not set the General Settings in the Word Press Dashboard correctly.Here is how they should have been set: If a mistake was made here, then you might not be able to see your site or you won’t be able to login to your site.Some, such as Yahoo web hosting really are not good Word Press hosts, others require that /be part of the permalink structure.

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