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in my opinion it lacks the second half for happiness”, “Dim you don’t look well, and lost a lot of weight that with you? of the soul, and members asked him to take off more of these beautiful spots, but also asked the author of the mini-clip. / Photos published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) Jul 20 2016 PDT However, the singer prefers not to comment on such experiences and fantasies of fans.In the coming days we will reveal the Top 15 of your voting.Today, our ranking comes to an end and we reveal your ‘winner’ ! Russia did everything it had to do to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Moscow.

Tolley deal TV reporters who managed to find a real girl Dima Bilan - beautiful blonde Elena Kuletskuyu. With 18 years she has lived and worked a model in Paris. " And you are not jealous of his producer Yana Rudkovskaya? I know very well Ian, we get along great with her, we have good relations. First, young people began a romantic relationship, they long to call back and they could not get to meet.

/ @ezolotuhin / Thank you for the HIGH QUALITY photos !

However, the answer to this question the artist did not give.

In any case, he now tells me that he has no one but me.

But we do not discuss with Dima our past, some of communication ...

Tra TA TA) Video published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) Jul 5 2016 PDT © 2016,

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