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Police departments, judges, and even employers are looking at these tools to help make positive impacts on adults who are in need of self monitoring. 11 porn sites [are] now in the top 300 most popular sites globally.

Pornhub, attracting 1.1 billion visits a month globally, sees a staggering 54% of its visits from mobile phones, with an average user session lasting about 8 ½ minutes.

The process for set up and enrollment is fairly straight forward.

We have summarized the steps below so both the adult user needing accountability as well as the accountability partner who will maintain the restrictions know the process and steps.

The need for adult accountability software is real and growing. Now, many adults are being proactive in trying to curb their addictions with tools never before available.

They can do this in the privacy of their home, simply requiring one trusted friend or “accountability partner.” to help them get past their addiction, or own-avowed personal and technological struggle.

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While many of these are great solutions and have many followers and users, they have not kept up with technology and sadly, many are not very effective to prevent regular and addicted users from circumventing them.

Additionally, if you make the device a paperweight, users will not use it and either circumvent or use a different device.

The right balance is to have your technology handy and helping you, while at the same time, offering protection and monitoring.

By not knowing the Apple passcode, Netsanity cannot be removed.

All internet will be monitored and websites filtered.

In fact, an untold number of “ghost users,” and silent adults have been using our services for years in order to stem internet addictions, ranging from spousal cheating, pornography, and other more specific and personal reasons.

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