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We are currently unable to accept most plans under other state Medicaid plans unless there is a managed care insurance card associated with your plan.

To make you aware of your refill order status, we send you messages at 3 key points in your order: To successfully cancel, you must message Nurx before Message 2 is sent, which is when the order is dispensed and charged to your insurance or credit card.To avoid any delivery delays, we can also call prescriptions in to local pharmacies for you to pick up if you need it urgently.We offer most oral contraceptive that local pharmacies stock.You can cancel your order by messaging Nurx through your Nurx messenger at https://com/messages , or by calling 800-321-NURX.The order is confirmed cancelled when Nurx Customer Care Team messages you confirming that the order has been cancelled.A Nurx medical professional will only prescribe a medication if it is safe to do so based on the info provided by the patient.

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