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However, if you use these modern tools without support, guidance, and understanding of who you are, what you want out of a mate and why those qualities are important to you, you may end up feeling frustrated, hopeless, lonely or even worse – settling for someone who isn’t a great fit for you.

The truth is that dating doesn’t need to feel like a constant struggle.

At my age, having a dear friend is very valuable to me.

I love to read, write short stories, sing and bet on horse races. I love to hike and swim (n Love my four daughters like no other!

Sometimes people are lucky enough to stumble across the right guy or girl, but if we aren’t sure what we’re looking for or why we want that type of person, then we may just pick up the next “shiny object” we see and waste time, energy, and emotions on someone who was never going to be a good partner for us.

The perspective you gain during coaching sessions will help you clarify your own needs and who you want to be with. You can fall in love and have the relationship of your dreams.

Website profiles can be awkward to complete, texting with someone after you’ve both swiped “right” can feel shallow, and downloading the newest and greatest app can be distracting.

Of course, dating online can definitely be helpful and can lead to wonderfully romantic matches.

Dating in our fast paced, modern society can feel complicated and overwhelming at times.

Online dating websites and dating apps created to simplify the search for love can sometimes make dating feel even more complicated and overwhelming.

With the help of a professional dating counselor, you can date successfully, attract the type of partner who will be a good fit for you, and find love.

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