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The goose plumtted out of the bright December sky and smacked the water like a cinderblock dropped off a high rise scaffold. When Remington started loading it, and it was easier to get, I was thrilled.

I shot 2 3/4" #6s at everything from ducks, to geese, swans and even shot a pig with it while turkey hunting in SC.

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A friend of my fathers told us about hevi-shot, and though we balked at the price ( a box if I remember right...

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Here's how: Go to your nearest Western Union and fill out the blue and white Quick Collect form using the following information: US Customers: Then, call our customer service team toll-free at 1-800-984-6889 to complete your order.

Remember to have your Western Union receipt with you when you call.

oh for those days again) we bought some #6s (which seemed even more crazy) and loaded two more T steel behind it.

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