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Lucinda is offended that Ella doesn't like her gift and simply tells Ella to remove it herself.She unties Ella, gives her a fancy dress, and tells her to attend the ball, where Char almost immediately takes her to the Hall of Mirrors and asks her to marry him.Ella's mother, on her deathbed, warns her daughter not to tell anyone about the curse she is under for fear that someone might use it to exploit Ella.

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Mandy helps by lending Ella her boyfriend Benny, whom she accidentally transformed into a talking magical book that can show people in their current surroundings.

Ella is about to stab him with the dagger Edgar provided, when she realizes Lucinda has provided the answer: looking into a mirror, she says, "You will no longer be obedient! But Edgar is spying on them, and before Ella can explain, he orders the guards to lock her up, to be executed the following day.

Meanwhile, Benny informs Slannen, the giants, and the ogres that Ella is in trouble, so they all sneak into the castle to rescue her.

During her journey, Ella encounters an elf named Slannen, who wants to be a lawyer instead of an entertainer as the laws now require.

They are both captured by a group of ogres, who want to eat them.

Prince Charmont rescues them and accompanies them to a wedding in the land of giants, where Ella hopes to find Lucinda.

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