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Wooden totems or effigies were carved for wealthy or honoured people.The old style graveyards have graves that have fallen open and bones scattered.Linguists think Kalash are descendants of Indo-Aryans who overran the region in 2BC.Kalash say they are from a place Tsiam although no one knows where that is. In the western side there were Bashgalis or Red Kafirs.Amir Abdur Rahman, the ruler of Afghanistan slaughtered the Bashgalis and any survivors were forced to convert to Islam.That area known as Kafiristan was renamed Nuristan. The men have largely traded traditional goat-skin tunics for Shalwar Kameez and Chitrali caps, often with a flower or feather in the brim.Nothing definitive is recorded about the town's first settlers.In the 3rd century, Kanishka, the Buddhist ruler of the Kushan empire, occupied Chitral.

By the 19th century there were estimated to be 50,000 and they Kalasha were pushed to higher valleys of the southern Hindu Kush.On 19th October 2012, a free Medical camp was organized by the Friend Welfare Trust in collaboration with Society of Pakistani Doctors in Kuwait (SPDK) & Al Rahma, which took place at Pakistan National English School, Hawally – Kuwait for …Continue reading About Me, Achievement, Advertisement, Beauty, Blogroll, Free Medical Camp, Get Well Soon, Hala Pakistan, Happiness, Health / Health club, Imran Khan, Kuwait, Pakistan Pictures, Pakistani Picture, Pakistan Picture, Pakistani Boys, Pakistani Girl/ Pakistani Girls, Pakistani Photographers Abroad, Pakistani Photographers in front of camera, Pakistani Photographers/ Pakistani Pictures, Pakistanis in Kuwait, Peace, People, Sialkot Image via Wikipedia Pakistanic is emerging online web magazine on all thing related to pakistan.Rudyard Kipling set “The Man Who Would Be King” here even though he never came here.In 1893 the British and Afghan governments drew a common border that took 2 years known as the Durand Line which cut through Kafiristan.From 1571 onwards Chitral was the dominion of the Kator Dynasty until 1969.

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