Whos dating elisha cuthbert

Her reporting captured the attention of Hillary Clinton, who invited her to the White House.

Cuthbert landed a role in a feature film in the family drama Dancing on the Moon (1997).

The woefully common practice is one that Elisha Cuthbert knows all too well. The Hollywood actress, who married Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf in 2013, is no stranger to receiving unwarranted harassment from beleaguered fans on Twitter.

(In 2009, the catty comments came to a head after former boyfriend and NHL star Sean Avery made rude remarks about his ex when she began dating other hockey players.) Elisha and Dion's 11 most tender moments in photos: Gallery This week, however, she fired back at her Internet bullies with a hilarious Instagram post.

The couple sped away post-vows in a vintage Camaro SS — the bride's wedding gift to the groom!

The reception went down at the couple's summer home in the area.

Her first major lead role came in the 1998 drama film Airspeed (No Control) alongside Joe Mantegna.

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While the majority of the remarks were admiring ("You’re beauitful! "), one particularly irate user wrote that Dion was wasting his time in Toronto. “How many hate comments do you get about the leafs?Fans were quick to support Elisha, lashing out at the nasty commenter and commending the actress for rising above it. It’s ridiculous, good job ignoring it.” The next day, the blond beauty responded to the controversial exchange with a funny snap that bore a remarkable likeness to the mean-spirited commenter, implying that her critic is a lot less easy on the eyes than she is. Produced by Ellen Degeneres, the kooky show follows a lesbian named Lizzy (Elisha) who gets pregnant by her straight male best friend, Luke (played by Nick Zano), just as he meets and marries the love of his life, Prudence (Kelly Brook).Meghan Markle knows a thing or two about surviving a Canadian winter (after all, she’s lived in Toronto since 2011) — which is why she means business when it comes to her cold-weather footwear.The actress has been spotted several times wearing the Sienna boots by Canadian brand Kamik.These sturdy boots feature a waterproof sole and insulated upper to keep you warm and dry in the snow. Here, we’ve rounded up Meghan-Markle-inspired boots for 0 or less so you can get the look — and stay warm this winter.Right now Cuthbert is also lead on Netflix show The Ranch alongside Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and Debra Winger.

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