United states dating customs


There is simply too much competition in the American dating scene.Too many dudes are competing for too few chicks, so there is an imbalance, a screwed up and unfair ratio of single men to single women.

Hence, the window of opportunity is very small for merely approaching her and asking her for a phone number.He has also lowered his standards because the average woman he is with likely has a weight problem, so he has lost some of his pride because of his chubby chasing, and probably doesn’t have a problem taking her out to and unhealthy dining joint as long as he’s getting supposed companionship and physical satisfaction.Even if she doesn’t have a weight problem, she likely has issues like alcoholism, debt, drug abuse, mental illness and trauma from past relationships gone bad.That may seem depressing, but actually, when I think of the last American woman I dated, I am reminded of why I don’t date stateside anymore. The result is a dating scene that is a completely agonizing experience for men.The last American woman I dated was full of games, spitefulness, numerous issues and went from zero to f*ck off in ten seconds. This is the case because women have beyond plentiful dating options in America.Even if you’re a man successfully getting a phone number, chances are it will be bogus or she will purposely screen her calls just to play head games or because she subscribes to the fact that you are a creep by association.

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