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Click at the top for a separate list of these devices.

Now find the show or shows in your viewing activity that you wish to remove from the Continue Watching list.

This app is everything I've ever wanted as far as aggregating content and showing me how to watch it.

And yet it's so INCREDULOUSLY BUGGY that I've rated it a one. The "Currently Popular" section - arguably the most important one to find a good movie to watch..never load. Whatever movie you're interested in will be out on network cable before the page loads. I hate buying movies that are available on the multiple streaming services I'm subscribed to. Anyone saying this app is bad because you can't just watch movies is completely clueless about the digital movie landscape.

You'll never again forget when that awesome film comes to theaters, and you'll be delightfully reminded when that film becomes available for online streaming or download.

Unfortunately, the service’s entire catalog isn’t available to download.

Fans hoping to take […] Josh Levenson is an avid technology enthusiast who writes news and the occasional how-to.

Also - the previews (arguably the second most important thing), yeah, forget that. I use this app to check and make sure I don't have access to a movie before I purchase it. This app aggregates prices and availability so you know where to go buy or stream movies or TV so you don't have to check every store/app.

It'll show you the first 10 seconds of the preview and then tell you it can't load the preview. The only thing I would suggest is that they improve upon the on demand section. Stop trashing apps if you don't understand their purpose!

Add your star ratings and write reviews for the movies you've seen.- Find a movie you want to watch?

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