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The senior level RN is first, and sometimes the only, health care professional to assess and/or treat correctional prisoners.

It is the senior level RN who determines the need for and timeliness of an appropriate referral to the physician or other provider.

Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC: No one falls off the cliff. Tom said that he was trying to protect Juanita's reputation. Steve Blank: His only answer was, "That's how I can remember it." Was Tom's mind literally playing tricks on him? But he also found one injury he thought was suspicious... It was an accident waiting to happen, the same one Tom had described seeing. Numinen brought in a psychologist to explain they were all true. Josh Mankiewicz: But "I can't remember," is different from what Tom told police. Karl Numinen: It was the prosecutor's number one motive, to support her theory of the case. Karl Numinen: It would have been a wholly different trial if the kids were sitting on the other side of the courtroom. Josh Mankiewicz: What happened that day at Pictured Rocks?

He didn't want anybody to think that she was crazy. Blank began to think something more sinister had happened up on that cliff. Tom was telling it as he recalled it, piece by piece. Karl Numinen: He just saw the most traumatic, horrifying event of his life. Karl Numinen: He tried to tell the police exactly what happened to the best his brain would allow him to do.

Here Tom and Juanita Richardson were living the midwestern edition of the American dream in a modern-day log home Tom had built for his wife and their three kids, Laceine, Lindsey, and Levi. He worked long hours and hard hours for our family. Tom Richardson: Debt-free living has nothing to do with it, and neither does living with Kelli Brophy. Jeanette Ellens: I feel like Juanita's there and I don't wanna leave, I don't wanna go home.

Tom made a solid living driving a truck for Fed Ex; Juanita was a secretary at their local school. Dave Brehm: It almost made the hair stand up on the back of your neck that everybody was at the same point in thinking that, "Oh my god, that's probably exactly what happened." After 11 hours they had their verdict. There is no romantic relationship with Kelli Brophy. Today the waves were just splashing and it was beautiful.

Their destination was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, 40 miles of craggy shoreline along Lake Superior, the largest, deepest and coldest of the Great Lakes. But within 45 minutes, park rangers found Juanita Richardson. Juanita fell 140 feet from right here -- it's the equivalent of falling off a 14-story building. By the time rescuers found her body on the lakeshore below, she was dead. Her and Tom were there." And, just instantly, I knew. Josh Mankiewicz: You never saw him be physically abusive to her? The investigation of Tom Richardson was now underway and moving to Tom's hometown. Jeff Herweyer: They didn't feel that she fell off a cliff. Josh Mankiewicz: We're talking about just a couple of people? Seven years earlier, Tom had an affair with another woman. Josh Mankiewicz Your mother ever talk with any of you about divorcing your father? She had talked to us about her vows, that when she made her vows, for better or for worse, that is what she meant, till death do her part. Jeff Herweyer: We spent a lot of time with Kelli Brophy. Josh Mankiewicz: Tom told you that his wife wouldn't be alive by Christmas. Juanita found a lump in her breast, but there was no cancer. Josh Mankiewicz: You said you wanted someone who had a relationship with God, who wasn't a smoker or a drinker, and who didn't have a living, ex-spouse? " And I said, "Yeah, I'm not going anywhere." That's what a friend would do; a friend would stand by him no matter what. Tom called Kelli from Pictured Rocks on his cell phone on June 21, 2006: The night before Juanita’s death. Josh Mankiewicz: What'd you guys talk about in that call? On the other side, Juanita’s parents and sister, equally certain of Tom's guilt. Jim Northup: Then when he took his hands away from his face I didn't see any tears. With the insurance payments from Juanita's death, Tom could live debt-free, which was a much better prospect than a costly divorce. But according to prosecutors, Tom's plan for his post-Juanita life had one problem. So six days before their vacation, Tom had a meeting with an attorney. And the last thing I saw was Juanita's feet flip up in the air as she was going over. It's essentially the same version of the third story he told deputy Steve Blank nearly two years earlier. Tom Richardson: I crawled over to the edge and looked over the edge. I had crawled over to the edge, looked over and backed away and passed out. Josh Mankiewicz: Do you understand how telling essentially three different stories to investigators in the first few hours after your wife dies is gonna-- is gonna make investigators think that you are A) lying and B) responsible? And then, an extraordinary thing happened in the jury room.

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The RN 12 functions with minimal supervision in the provision of total patient care on the inpatient units.Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC: How'd your parents get along? As Levi graduated high school, mom and dad had an empty nest. Jeanette Ellens: Oh, "Get your head outta your ass. Josh Mankiewicz: This has been portrayed as kind of a stormy marriage. Laceine Richardson: We were around them the most, and there was never a stormy marriage. When Tom got home, he let them know about the questioning he'd faced up at pictured rocks -- and that some found his behavior suspicious. Kelli says she and Tom were just close friends who talked on the phone while they both worked at night. Investigators learned they talked on the phone 383 times in less than ten months. Jeff Herweyer: I compared Kelli Brophy to wringing water out of a dishrag. All I just know is that he told me what he wanted me to know. Shortly after Juanita died, Tom showed up at Kelli’s house with another gift: A plant from Juanita’s memorial service. Jeanette Ellens: What kind of a girl would, if she knew where it came from, would accept a gift like that? Whatever been going on between Tom and Kelli ended after that visit. Jeff Herweyer: We had three uniformed troopers actually approach him first to arrest him. There were two years of questions: Did she fall, could she have committed suicide, or did her husband Tom somehow force her off that cliff, 140 feet to the rocky shore below? Tom Richardson: It's a long time when you're in shock, you're being traumatized and— Josh Mankiewicz: It's a pretty short time to tell three different stories. Is Tom Richardson a cold-hearted killer, or just a broken-hearted husband? And when you lose somebody like that it's like you have this big hole inside you. The aftermath would tear her family apart, with her parents and sister certain that her husband Tom had killed her, and her kids just as sure that he didn't. Jeanette Ellens: I guess it depends on what happens-- for the verdict. Because half this family's not gonna like the verdict. Laceine Richardson: I hope that one day, you know, we can be back because I really do-- I honestly love them. For her closing argument, prosecutor Karen Bahrman returned jurors' attention to the last photograph Juanita took before she died... It's one of the grounds for Richardson's motion for a new trial that his attorneys filed this week.At last they could now take a long-deserved vacation. They called it their "honeymoon spot" - a place they'd visited not long after they were married some 23 years earlier. Jim Northup: His initial report was that she was essentially missing and unaccounted for. You're so stupid.” Anything she did, it was never right. But in their hearts the three kids knew their dad would never have hurt their mom, much less kill her. Josh Mankiewicz: And what would you guys talk about during these calls? Josh Mankiewicz: If I'm calling somebody 383 times, one of us thinks somethin's going on. We would gain a little more each time we interviewed her. Josh Mankiewicz: He didn't tell you why he was giving you the plant. Josh Mankiewicz: But it meant something to you, didn't it, that plant? With Juanita dead only a month, Tom started asking friends to fix him up. He'd arrange to set Tom up with a new woman, who also happened to be a Michigan State trooper. What terrible thing happened at their honeymoon spot? Tom Richardson: Not- when you've been going through mental blocking and they're starting to get recall and you got some guy that you feel is trying to brainwash you into the fact that your wife's just committed suicide or possibly committed suicide. Tom’s so-called "prayer pal" the prosecutor branded as his Amber Frey. My wife and I were getting along as good as we ever got along. They've tried to paint that into-- into this plan I had, you know? He planned on having a relationship with Kelli, blah, blah, blah. Josh Mankiewicz: Is this family ever gonna be put back together? I may not like them right now or what they're doing, but I'll always love them. Karen Bahrman: He needs to create this reason for her to walk to stand or walk near the edge. And the expression on his face is not exactly evocative of marital bliss. He/she will function as "Charge Nurse" in the absence of the RN Manager 12 or RN Manager 13.The job requires daily contact with prisoners whose security levels will range from minimum to maximum.The prosecution had presented a picture of a man eager to dispose of his wife and enjoy the windfall from her insurance, but the defense showed that when choosing a policy, Tom hadn't always gone for the biggest payout available. You can buy life insurance policy-- on your spouse.

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