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Until now, however, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) – the UN agencies responsible for global drug control – have failed to condemn the Philippines for these gross human rights violations committed in the name of drug control.329 non-governmental organisations today sent an open letter to the UNODC Executive Director, Mr. Werner Sipp, asking them to take immediate action aimed at putting a stop to the extrajudicial killings.Evo ja sam bio prvi kada je trebalo pljuvati po necemu kao sto je iskrica, i naravno osnovna mi je recenica bila, da su tamo samo geekovi koji nemaju RL, ali eto ako je tako onda sam i ja, pridruzih se geekovima Zapravo sam skuzio da je tamo dosta zabavno i da se izmedu stvarno mnostva ljudi, daju upoznati i zanimljive osobe...Nisam na iskrici,mislio sam navratit do tamo da vidim sta toliko ljudi hvale al nikak.After serving the compulsory 24 hours on-call duties, most medical doctors would have to continue their duties for a further 4-10 hours.

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Ne znam, ali mislim da je i Iskrica neto slino..sam dečka upoznala preko iskre.It is high time for actions to be taken to prevent the loss of more innocent lives.In relation to MVAs, we recognise that there are many contributing factors namely vehicle issues, poor road conditions and distraction among others.Her accident is the latest involving a medical officer who was driving home post-call, after completing nearly 33 hours of duty.Prior to this, we lost another of our colleague, Dr Afifah Mohd Ghazi in a similar nature of accident.“Their silence is unacceptable, while people are being killed on the streets day after day”, she continued.

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