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Or it’s just that French is a language that has a “formal” written version, and an informal “oral” version.

If it’s not a main proposition, the verb always comes at the end, after all the meaningless details and words that are glued together to seem a longer unique word. around a roundmetaltable, on the woodenterraceofthatbar in the city centre, surrounded by people, but alone, maybe with you, maybe without you, depending on your will of joining me, a white unfiltered beer shall I have.” If you’re Spanish girlfriend says “Soy constipada”, try not to feel shocked by such a gross comment for a woman. As we all know that communication is the key in everything, the only advice I can give you is this: BE PREPARED and DOCUMENT yourself before most dates. However I’ve learned that for the normal person (who has a minimum of common sense) it hurts more when you’re the one rejecting. In comparison, rejecting is like a paper cut: it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it provokes a very very uncomfortable feeling.

If it starts with “I was thinking …” and that’s how it usually starts, be patient. in a week, after work, hopefully on good weather, on August, 5…, 25th at 8. Give her a second chance, though sex might still be out of question. But the simple truth is that the more rejections you get, the less they hurt. Find out that real life is as superficial as Tinder is. Go back on Tinder and dislike all the people you met before. Complain that there is not enough choice in Luxembourg.

Instead, the more you reject, the more you start fearing the paper cut. Dating applications and websites are just tools, and they can be used for multiple purposes according to the creativity or the ethical principles of the user.

And that’s the one we should always, always love first…

Claudia Neumeister has 20 years of experience as a headhunter for international corporations.

And if you’re too high, and you’ll always fear that someone better will come along. Probably, without this fear I would have stepped out of it sooner.

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