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Statements will not be accepted for payment unless all invoices or receipts are attached, and the correct information is provided for processing.Checks will be available for pickup on the scheduled processing date set by the Business Office.

As a non-driver, I knew a spontaneous California trip would be a challenge but less so if I was close to Downtown LA or Hollywood.I was only able to see this by backtracking through previous bookings.I contacted my credit card […] A friend and I booked a property for two nights in Salamanca, Spain. After we had stayed one night, the host told us that she had made a mistake on the listing and the price was per person per night.We chose this house because it could easily accommodate three couples, as there were at least three bedrooms with queen beds and three bathrooms. After my credit card showed usage in London at a host site, I attempted to log onto my Airbnb account.At booking, the owner confirmed that we would indeed have the entire house. I found someone else’s picture and information on my account.Please note that account numbers given with insufficient funding to support any payment request will not be processed, and will delay payment until sufficient information is provided.

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