Sex chat lines for threesomes


When they’re finished tasting the delicate pleasures of the fairer sex, it’s time to take them by the hands and lead them out of the club.Throw them both in the back seat of the car, tell them to get to know each other, and get your arse back to your place asap.I know it’s hard to believe that dealing with annoying questions and over-inflated dramas can outweigh the feeling of having a girl sitting in your lap and the other on your face, but it will. After touching your arm and laughing at a few jokes, she asks “Can you give me 0? There are plenty of books and DVDs out there you can get on this topic.You might be able to put up with it for a week, or even a month, but it’ll get to you. There’s a magic question you can ask any woman that will push your chance of a threesome through the roof. Once you’re comfortable telling her all the dirty things you’re going to do to her and screaming about how tight she feels, then start to introduce the x-factor in.They’ll be touching, bumping, groping, and fingering as much as the law will allow.

If you go in there just wanting to get off and fall asleep, it’ll be the last time you ever have a threesome.

She’ll be talking about all the dirty things she and her new work colleague from accounting with the short skirt and the killer legs could do to you.

If she’s not begging for you to bring a girl home now, then you’ve done something wrong. By this time, you’ll be taking her out, and she’ll be pointing out all the girls she wants you to seduce. You’ve got one girl, but now you have to work your magic on the number 2.

But, before I get into this, if you’re sitting there thinking “I can’t even get one girl, why should I be bothering to learn about threesomes? Having this information tucked into your belt will mean that if the opportunity does land in your lap, you’ll have the tools to make it happen. There are some women who’re simply too closed off to jump in the deep end with you and that shy, nerdy looking type you see at the coffee shop every Thursday. Because she’s not asking for something from you, she’s helping you do something. This is the secret to having more threesomes than you can count: stop making it about you and make it about her. As you’re strolling down the shopping arcade, arm in arm, feeling relaxed and loved, just after you’ve finished a big lunch and you’re feeling that post-food satisfaction, and you see a girl who matches the description your girlfriend gave you…

No, she doesn’t have to be a promiscuous party girl, fresh from her first high school sweetheart and looking to explore all the sexual wonders that life in college has to offer. …just casually ask “Is that the kind of girl you like? There doesn’t need to be any saucy details or intricate descriptions about the positions she’d put her in or the different knots she’d use to tie her up.

This is the secret to gently guiding your inexperienced female friends into the debaucherous and dirty world of threesomes. ” More often than not, from fear of judgement, most girls will say “No.” If you ask “What kind of women do you like?

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